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Forty kilometres to empower rape survivor

Leilani Kuter walked 40 kilometers on August 7 dedicated to Olivia Jasriel. The activist said she would strongly recommend walking to anyone who has suffered the emotional pain of sexual abuse or gender-based violence.

The 40 kilometres Leilani Kuter, founder of Yellow for Survivors walked on August 7 were dedicated to Olivia Jasriel. Olivia is a former professional tennis player who was raped by disgraced Australian-born tennis coach, Bob Hewitt.

Leilani braced the chilly winter morning at 05:00 to walk 20 kilometres from Little Falls to the Cradle, and back. “The response has been really good. Olivia is also an activist and the whole Bob Hewitt story caught my attention because she was only 12 years old when it happened. I have done over 1 800 dedication walks and the whole idea is to let survivors know that someone is there for them.”

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