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Leilani walks for those who can’t

Leilani Kuter is best known for her dedication walks. She shares her philosophies and what keeps her going.

Leilani Kuter is a passionate and dedicated activist known for her walks with the Yellow For Survivors, an organisation she founded for victims and survivors of gender-based violence. Leilani has an infectious smile and exudes the kind of positive attitude you cannot get enough of. She believes in taking control of one’s life and always focusing on the positive.

There was a time when she did not live by that philosophy. In 1992 she was brutally raped and left for dead. She acknowledged that the rape changed her but she tried to move on with her life. “Someone said to me one day ‘Do you realise you only wear black?’ I was obviously grieving and I didn’t realise it. We go through things and we think we are okay but we’re really not.” She went through her 20s barely talking about her ordeal. “If I did mention it, I would always refer to ‘the incident’. I could not use the word ‘rape’ for many years – for 10 years, actually.”

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